How to choose a window company: Top 8 things to look for

Discover top factors for selecting the best window company for your project. Prioritize impact-resistant doors, impact windows, and energy-efficient windows for optimal protection and energy savings. Dive into Air Master Windows and Doors expertise.
How to choose a window company: Top 8 things to look for

Window replacement can beautify your home, raise its value and offer energy-saving and impact-resistance advantages. It’s an important investment that calls for choosing a knowledgeable and trustworthy window company or contractor.

You don’t want to end up with a substandard product, faulty installation or inferior customer service, so you need to know what to look for when shopping around for a window company. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

1. Reputation

Whether based on word of mouth, online reviews of Better Business Bureau rating, all companies have a reputation to stand by. Do your homework. Ask people you know for recommendations. Do an online search. Visit companies’ websites and look for customer testimonials, certifications, and before and after photos. Ask for references. Don’t let a good bargain distract you from this vetting process. A bit of investigation will go a long way in securing your investment. Also, remember to consider the company’s legacy, years of experience and area of expertise.

2. Certifications

Another tool in determining which company to choose is to check for design, manufacturing and/or installation certifications. These typically are granted based on independent lab tests that determine whether a company’s product or service meets strict industry standards and is approved and ready to receive the certification.

3. Materials for impact resistant windows and doors

Choose a company that offers a variety of frame materials. The best window frames are made of aluminum or composite material.

4. Cost

It’s tempting to make a choice based solely on price tag, but it’s unwise. While you should shop for the best deals and do your best to stick to your budget, you should also beware of bargains. Cost is directly related to the quality of the craftsmanship, materials, features and installation of the product. Going for the cheapest option and sacrificing quality means lower initial costs but higher costs in the long run. You will pay more in maintenance costs, energy bills and repairs, and you will probably have to replace the windows in the future.

5. Selection and Customization

Look for a wide selection of window types, styles, colors, materials, such as aluminum and glass and customization options. Visible design elements are attractive, but you should also consider functionality and performance. Consider your climate and how it affects your home. Is your home exposed to extreme temperatures? Is environmental noise an issue?

Choose a company that offers energy efficient windows, which will lower your utility bills. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you should strongly consider installing impact resistant windows that can protect your home, property and family from extreme weather events and break-ins.

6. Installation

The quality of the installation process is as important as the quality of the windows. Installation flaws almost invariably affect the windows’ look, performance and durability, resulting in an overall inferior product. Choose a company that has certified window product and installers.

7. Warranty

When it comes to window replacement, longevity is a must. Although window lifespan varies according to the type of window and materials used, you should look for extensive warranty length. Pay close attention to what the warranty cover. Read the fine print. A reputable window company offers a strong warranty because it’s confident about the quality of its windows and/or installation. Some companies also offer additional warranty coverage.

8. Professionalism and Customer Service

Whether you’re purchasing windows on sale or paying top dollar, you should expect excellent customer service. Observe how the company representatives behave. Evaluate their professionalism and work ethic. Pay attention to how you feel during these meetings. Ask questions and notice the willingness of the representatives to answer them and explain things. A window company that values customer service will guide you through every step of the process—from window selection to installation process.

9. Bottom Line

Don’t settle for the cheapest windows. Do your homework. Ask questions. Select a company after considering all the factors listed above. Protect your investment and your home by making an educated choice for your window replacement project.

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