Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Can Prevent Burglary, Home Invasion

Buying impact resistant products for your home is a significant investment. Here are some important facts you should consider beforehand.
Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Can Prevent Burglary, Home Invasion

Who doesn’t worry about home security? Most of us lock our doors and windows and turn on flood lights at night, while others go a bit further by installing home security systems. Unfortunately, from the time an alarm goes off to when the police arrive, intruders have a few minutes to break in, steal, damage property and put lives at risk. But there’s another way to boost security and protect your family and home.

Impact resistant windows and doors are made to withstand impact and not break into pieces regardless of whether the impact comes from hurricane-force winds, flying debris or a hammer. They offer yet another layer of security that can effectively prevent home invasions and give you and your family much-needed peace of mind.

Fortifying Your Home’s Weakest Points

Home intruders usually enter homes through ground-floor windows and doors. They break the glass, which allows them to reach the locks inside and gain entry. Breaking the glass is easy, quick and helps burglars get in and out in seconds or a few minutes—typically 90 seconds to 12 minutes, according to the FBI.

Impact resistant windows and doors significantly reduce burglars’ ability to break into your home.

How Impact Resistance Works

Impact resistant windows and doors, also known as hurricane windows, are made with tempered glass, laminated glass (which provides a strong inner layer) and heavy duty frames.

Tempered Glass

Heat-treated tempered glass is three to five times stronger than regular glass. When it cracks, it does so in a spider web pattern and small pebbles, without sharp edges or shards.

Laminated Glass

Laminated or PVB glass features a thin, exceptionally strong layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two or more panes of glass. When a hard object impacts the glass, it may crack, but the inner layer holds the glass together, blocking entry through the window and door. Traditional glass windows are made of float glass, which breaks into large, sharp shards upon impact.

Heavy Duty Frames

High winds or strong impact forces can knock the glass out of a standard window or door frame. Impact resistant window and door frames are thicker than standard frames and made of sturdy materials such as aluminum and vinyl. In addition, the glass undergoes a silicone glazing process that keeps it from separating from its frame.

Impact Resistant Windows Help Prevent Break-Ins

Although impact resistant windows and doors are not 100% burglar proof, they make breaking into a home or business through a window or door too difficult, noisy and time-consuming. To break in and reduce their risk of getting caught, burglars rely on speed and stealth, both of which are hindered by impact resistant windows and doors.

Burglars who encounter impact resistant windows or doors are more likely to give up and try an easier target, that is, a home with windows made with glass that is easy to break, quickly and relatively quietly, with a blunt instrument or a fist.

Other Ways to Deter Burglars

Window Locks

While your windows may already have locks, additional locks can enhance window security. The best type of lock depends on the type of window you have. These are the most popular aftermarket window locks:

– Pin Locks

By locking window planes in place, pin locks can prevent intruders from opening your windows.

– Keyed Locks

Windows with keyed locks require a key to be opened.

– Hinged Wedge and Sash Locks

Hinged wedge and sash locks prevent single- and double-hung windows from being opened fully or partially.

Window and Door Bars

Strong metal bars and gates keep burglars out by blocking their entry through windows and doors regardless of the type of glass used.

Floodlights/Motion Lights

Darkness attracts criminals because it reduces their chances of getting caught in the act. Floodlights and motion lights help to prevent break-ins by keeping the perimeter of your home well lit.

Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property and capture images of intruders or burglars trying to break into your home.

Home Security System

Home security systems alert security companies and/or the police when the alarms are activated.

It Just Makes Sense

While no window, lock, light or security system is 100% burglar proof, impact resistant windows and doors make it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry into your home.

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