How to decorate your windows for the holidays without damaging them

The holidays are just around the corner, and there's a lot of shopping, card-sending, baking and decorating to do.
How to decorate your windows for the holidays without damaging them

The holidays are just around the corner, and there’s a lot of shopping, card-sending, baking and decorating to do. One way to add some cheer to your home is to decorate your windows, which calls for taking some safety precautions to make sure you don’t damage them while adding or removing decorations.

Here’s how to decorate your windows for the holidays safely.

Use the Curtain Rod

Instead of using tape, staples or glue to attach decorations to glass or frames, hang them from the curtain rod and avoid harming your windows. Try a fishing line or decorative ribbons or garlands to hang all types of ornaments from the rod.

Create Windowsill Displays

Decorate your windowsills with lights, figurines, wreaths, flameless LED candles and other ornaments to give your home a festive vibe. Follow a theme or choose decorations that look best when seen from either the interior or the exterior of the house (or both!). Keep the area clean to avoid dust and mold.

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Stick With Cling Stickers

Do not use regular stickers or tape to decorate your glass windows. Use cling stickers instead. These stickers rely on static electricity or gels to cling to surfaces and can be applied and removed easily without leaving adhesive residue on the glass or damaging it. In addition, cling stickers are reusable, which means you get to enjoy those pretty stickers for years to come.

Consider the Classics

Traditional wreaths and garlands never go out of style. That’s good news because these decorations tend to be safe for windows, as long as you hang them carefully and keep sharp metal and wintergreen needles away from the glass. You can hang them from curtain rods and frames using red, gold, white or green ribbons.

Light Your Windows With Candles

To avoid fire, use battery-powered candles for your holiday window decorations. Some candles have sensors that turn them on at dusk and off at dawn. Putting a single candle by each window throughout the home is a lovely, easy and safe way to share the holiday spirit with those inside and outside the house.

Hang Curtain Lights

As the name suggests, curtain lights consist of strands of lights that look like curtains of light when installed. They’re easy to put up and safe for your windows, as long as you keep adhesive and metal clips off the glass. Curtain lights are perfect for the holidays, weddings, parties, bedroom decor and landscaping lighting, among other whimsical uses. Windows look positively beautiful as they reflect the sparkly light in the dark winter nights.

Add Color With Baubles

Baubles are a fun, cost-effective way to decorate your windows during the holidays. You can hang them in a straight line or at different lengths from a tension or curtain rod at the top of the frame for a hassle-free window filler. As with other decorations, make sure nothing sharp is rubbing against the glass.

And There’s Always the Tree!

Placing a beautifully decorated, twinkly Christmas tree in front of a large window … well, it doesn’t get much better than that! Decorate all sides of the tree so that it can be enjoyed from inside and outside the home. Make sure the tree is well-balanced, stable and correctly secured in its stand so that it may not fall and damage the window.

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Protect Your Frames

Be careful hanging decorations outside. Avoid using nails on your window casings and frames. Instead, use temporary hooks, adjustable tension rods, ribbons, suction cups, magnetic hangers, fishing line, 3M command hooks and/or clothespins.

Decorating your windows for the holidays can be a fun and special time for you and your family. Decorations go a long way in creating a festive atmosphere and making the magic of the holidays last the entire season.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Air Master Windows & Doors!

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